Vintage decorative frames vector

Vintage decorative frames vector
Vintage decorative frames vector.
2 sets with vector vintage decorative frames and ornate elements for your vintage-styled designs. Format: EPS stock vector clip art. Free for download.
Theme: ornate vector, vector frames, decorative frames, borders.

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  1. panis_des says:

    love it!!

  2. jho says:


  3. sato says:

    Thank U so much!!
    Qawaii :-)

  4. i.d says:

    Wonderful! thank you

  5. dhiren matiya says:


  6. tika says:

    free to download and use right?
    somehow i cannot find the download button :)

  7. tika says:

    How to download it?

  8. jennny says:


  9. may says:


  10. miki says:


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