Vintage decorative elements for design vector

Vintage decorative elements for design vector
Vintage decorative elements for design vector.
Collection of 4 sets with different vector vintage decorative elements for ornate designs (ornate frames, decorative borders, title decorations and ornaments). Format: EPS stock vector clip art. Free for download.
Theme: vector ornaments, decorative elements.

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  1. Ardeshir says:

    Thanks a lot…

  2. 三木 says:

    Thanks a lot…

  3. japon says:


  4. nozomi says:


  5. ayako says:


  6. bowz says:


  7. Jojo says:

    How do you download these??? I don’t see a link or download instructions.

  8. sole says:


  9. satou says:


  10. 香川 says:


  11. yama says:


  12. Carlos says:

    Hi good morning, I wonder if it is possible to decorate my logo done with vectors of you:

    would be used for the sign of a café, it’s just table top.

    It is possible, Thanks

  13. carlos says:

    Hello good evening, I decorate my logo cafeteria table with you, it’s just the top of my logo.

    These are the vectors where a small decorative vector kick to the top of my logo

    Could be used for reporting my cafeteria?

    If so would be very happy.

    thank you very much

  14. yoshi says:


  15. iwa says:

    thanks! very nice

  16. nabe says:


  17. 伊藤昌便 says:


  18. mai says:


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