Damask frames vector

Damask frames vector
Damask frames vector.
Set of 5 vector damask frames in vintage decorative ornamental style for your designs. Color: white.
Format: EPS stock vector clip art. Free for download.
Theme: vector damask frames, ornate frames.

7 Responses to Damask frames vector

  1. Aston says:

    these are awesom

  2. Karolina says:

    I love your art work, that’s pretty amazing stuff.
    How is it actually work, is it free for download and for private use only ?
    or I can design let’s say business cards using your vectors and sell them on commercial websites?

    Thank you very much for your blog, it’s very inspiring :)

    • alexnjoy says:

      It is hard to answer, because biggest part of the works are sent by my visitors and I cannot control the terms of use. You can use this frames for your business cards =).

      • Karolina says:

        hi Alexjoy
        Thank you for your answer.
        I was asking in general not only for these frames.
        So if I use any design from your blog for my commercial design what the worst thing can happen?
        Thank you

        • alexnjoy says:

          The worst thing – author will ask you to stop using his art works and selling that business cards.

          • Karolina says:

            Thank you
            Your blog is great, I wish you good luck with everything ;)
            I will be a frequent visitor here.

          • alexnjoy says:

            Nice to hear that )) Thank you )

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