Abstract flower backgrounds vector

Abstract flower backgrounds vector
Abstract flower backgrounds vector.
Set of 5 beautiful vector abstract flower backgrounds for spring designs. Contains abstract flowers and other floral elements in vector format. EPS stock vector clip art. Free for download.

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  1. nonthakorn charoontanakij says:

    good…….thank you

  2. Nu War Aye says:

    I am trying to create Flash Card for studying my kids vocab (Chinese, English, etc.) and would like to put Image to Apps and reached to your web site. I am combining using iAnki and Zen Brush Apps (both iPhone and iPad), and I think you should sell your background images to Zen Brush Apps. http://www.psoft.co.jp/apps/en/zenbrush.html Your background is very beautiful and it suits to Zen Brush Apps.
    And one more, are you drawing by personal request?
    Now I am looking for Professions, Zoo, Fruit, etc.. for kids study flash card making (till Primary 6).
    If yes, how much do you charge?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards,
    Nu War (Mrs. / Burmese)
    65-91394064 (Singapore Now)
    9595182229 (My Country)

    • alexnjoy says:

      Soon I will post some Zoo and fruit cliparts, just follow my blog). Currently i’m not drawing by personal request (I have too much of another work to do =( )

  3. dorit s says:

    How cold! Where is spring?
    Only to draw us all smiling spring :)
    Thank you for downloading files
    dorit s

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