42 Vector food images

Vector food images
A collection of four beautiful vector food clip art sets with tasty dishes, pastries, chocolate sweets and ice-cream images. They can be used for nice food related logo designs (for cafe or restaurant menus), for vector posters or card templates, etc. Below you can find more detailed description of all vector sets in this post. Images are in EPS or Ai formats and can be edited in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Vector tasty food images

Vector tasty food images
A set of 10 high quality vector illustrations of different tasty food and dishes, such as: Italian pasta, shawarma, Mexican chili soup, vector pizza images, fried chicken, salmon steak, can of beer, vegetable salad illustrations, nachos with sauce, a set of Japanese sushi and rolls. Vectors are in AI and EPS formats.

Vector pastries images

Vector pastries images
A set with 12 vector images of tasty pastries for your designs and templates. In this collection you will find: fruit pies illustrations, stuffed muffins, bagels, French croissants templates, muffins, different breads, breadsticks, cakes and donuts. Vectors are in AI and EPS formats.

Vector chocolate sweets images

Vector chocolate sweets images
Vector set of 11 chocolate sweets and different foodstuffs made with chocolate. You will find illustrations of: cupcakes, Belgian waffles, chocolate candies, desserts, cakes and pies, a cup of hot chocolate, decorated with nuts and berries images, for your vector designs. Formats: AI and EPS.

Vector ice-cream images

Vector ice-cream images
A collection of 9 vector vivid ice-cream pictures and clip art templates for your graphic designs. This set includes free templates of: ice-cream with hot sauce, sorbet, sundaes, ice-cream cones, gelato, frozen custard, frozen yogurt and popsicle. All in high quality EPS, AI vectors.

All sets are in one ZIP archive and you can download them for free, by clicking on “Download link” under the post.

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  1. pacus says:

    parece genial, pero como se descarga??

    • alexnjoy says:

      Download button is under the bottom banner, with green arrow and “Download link” text.

  2. pop says:

    love it

  3. anuja says:

    thaaaaank u!!! superb work.. :)

  4. Mint says:

    thanks ><

  5. HANI says:

    that was perfect

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